Instagram : a community for mamas

Since having Seth and being home full time, I have loved my daily Insta catch ups with mamas around the UK and further afield. I realised the other day that one of the things I love about it is that the community of mamas is almost like having lots of work friends around. When you’re at home with only you for adult company, it is so nice to see what other mamas are doing in their day, to share their highs and lows and to get tips and wisdom and encouragement. It’s a little breathing space, a bit of company and sometimes a space to vent. And I love it.

So today I thought I’d share with you just a few of my favourite accounts, if you’re wondering…

# Emma aka brummymummyoftwo – this woman makes me laugh out loud; Emma is so real and fun and honest about life and motherhood in a way that makes you believe that you can do it too

# Gina aka andbreathe_challenges – each month Gina shares inspiring monthly challenges to get involved in; I love that these make me think about the choices I’m making for me and my littles and it’s fun to see what other people are doing and nabbing different ideas

# Nicola aka nicola_in_transit – life as a mama and brit living overseas; Nicola always manages to look effortlessly beautiful, her photos of life in France are just gorgeous and her daily stories often make me laugh out loud with the realness of motherhood

# Mollie aka – suuuuch beautiful photos and she’s recently joined the two children club too so it’s so nice to see how someone else is doing it at a similar stage to me

# Rachel aka encouterswithjoy – this gorgeous mama is one of the best, a lovely pal and I love her snapshots of life with three and her beautifully written blog posts

I also can’t get enough of _thisgirlcanorganise at the minute. The struggle is real right now in keeping on top of the house. We weren’t on it before, but having two kids has totally blown my capacity. But I am loving her simple suggestions for organisation and seeing how mess can transform to beauty. Storage boxes have become my new best friend!

There’ll be more of these in a few weeks but in the mean time, who are your favourite accounts?



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