The Exhausting Everyday

Last week I posted about how much I am loving being a mum, in contrast to how tough I found those first few months. It really is full of giggles and fun moments watching Esther grow and learn.

But this week has also been a patience testing one which has felt so exhausting.

It may be down to being 8 weeks off mini Ed #2’s due date with slightly crazy hormones but my patience has definitely been limited. It may also be part of the stage of development that Esther is going through just now. Each day we seem to be clashing and I know I could be being kinder to her but it feels so exhausting!

Negotiating every little decision and bargaining to get some crumpet into her mouth at dinner rather than just all the cheese off the top feels so tiring. It feels horrible when you release your inner strop at your child and eek, what am I modelling to her in those moments.

In the summer I started reading a great book, How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen – A Survival Guide to Life With Children Aged 2 – 7, and I think I need to go back to it just now. It is full of little techniques and tools for helping to communicate with your child in a way that helps you to understand each other better. What I like about it is that the authors don’t expect perfection .. they both admit to days of losing their patience and being less than the mums they want to be. It has different tips for different personalities and suggestions for what to do at various ages. It’s simple to put into practice straight away which is part of why I have loved it so far. It also has laugh out loud moments when you realise they are totally describing you as a parent or when you understand why you wouldn’t respond if someone asked you to do something in the way you ask your child.

As I go back to it I’ll let you know how we get on with the tips and tricks it suggests and share any favourites or funny stories. If you’re looking for a book to help you communicate with your child, I would highly recommend it from what I’ve read so far.

Do you have favourite books that you have read that have helped you as your children have progressed through the toddler and child years? I’d love to hear your recommendations.


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