Being a mum is fun.

A mum once said to me that from 8 months on your baby just gets more and more interesting and fun. At 21 months old I can wholeheartedly say that I agree. I regularly catch myself thinking how much fun I am having with Esther on my days with her. She talks all the time; we have little conversations; she wants to do everything we do; she is cheeky and funny and generous; she is brave in her adventures.

I honestly didn’t know that I would love motherhood this much.

Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t a perfect child and there are days that I am less then patient with her. We recently visited Jonny’s parents in the north east and for an hour of our journey home, when she would usually be sleeping, our journey consisted of the following conversation:

“Mummy, mummy”

“Yes, Esther?”


“Yes Esther, it is dark outside. How about you try to go to sleep?”

Two seconds silence.

“Mummy, mummy.”

“Yes ,Esther?”


Repeat times thirty.

62889573-348f-4535-8d3e-c1e6c1463931Jonny may have been entertained but I definitely wasn’t and patient was not a word you would have described me as in those moments. But generally her learning to talk is a fascinating process. I love that she can tell me what she has been up to in a day and I can understand. She gets so excited to tell me that she has had a ‘cino’ [babycino] with Daddy or that she saw the ‘sheep running fast’ when we went to the farm. Her newest phrase is ‘my do it, Esther do it’, for just about anything really. Watching her try to get herself dressed or cut up her spaghetti with a fork is so much more interesting then it sounds like it should be.

Esther has also just started to play with other children, particularly children a bit older then her. It’s so fun watching her and our neighbour’s little boy push each other around on toy cars and jump around in the ball pit together. It also means I can sit down with a cuppa for a few precious moments which is definitely the dream!

This post isn’t meant to be a showcase of all the great things my child can do so I hope it hasn’t come across that way. It’s more just a few moments of me marvelling at how wonderful it is to be a mother and how much I am enjoying being a mum in a way that I hadn’t ever imagined I would.


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