When 3 becomes 4

IMG_9142We’re having another baby.

Potentially in 11 weeks.

Where did that time go?

I’m not sure I’m entirely ready for our family of three to become a family of four yet. Or to go back to multiple night feeds and no routine in life.

This pregnancy has been so different to pregnancy #1.

This little one .. whose gender we found out this time – he’s a boy .. is such a wriggler. He moves all the time [it feels like] and my belly does the strangest things. It is fascinating to watch! And reassuring to know that he is alive and well in there. I didn’t have so much nausea like the first time round but I was well and truly exhausted; beyond anything I remember from being pregnant with Esther. Maybe that’s part of parenting a toddler though. I have craved savoury food instead of sweet – southern fried chicken, bacon crisps, curry – and fizzy drinks but only if they’re in a can straight out of the fridge. If it’s in a bottle or not cold I’m not interested. Aren’t cravings a weird one. And in my case not so healthy, eek.

After a wonderful second trimester of remembering what it is like to have energy and not feel like I need to nap in all of Esther’s naps, I am going back to feeling more tired and needing to take more naps. I’ve also realised I can’t walk everywhere quite so fast anymore so need to give myself a few more minutes to get to places. It’s also getting to the time to invest in some winter boots that I can slip on and off without needing to bend over! And I am so aware that with Christmas, our very close friends wedding and Esther’s second birthday all looming very close to this little man’s due date, that there is still a lot to do between now and then.

It’s also strange to think that this could be our last pregnancy.

Yes I did just say that out loud.

Who knows how we will feel in a couple of years time but for now I think we’re fairly settled on being our family of four and adventuring together in what that brings. Every now and then I catch myself and think ‘hold on, this is the last time I might feel this so lets treasure it.’

Esther is adorable with baby bump. She gives it lots of kisses and waves hello to her little brother. She prays for baby at night. Here’s a photo of her trying to post money to him through my belly button!

I can’t wait for her to meet him and take on big sister duties … mainly lots of cuddles and I can imagine she might well try to push him around in her doll’s pushchair!

11 weeks and counting. Looking forward to meeting you little one.

Any tips for being mama second time round? And how do I begin to look after a boy cause I have no idea?


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