A, B, C…

…all the way to Zee.

When we did our ante natal classes, one of the exercises they made us do was an A-Z of parenting. In a painfully reminiscent setting of enforced classroom activity we had to shout out words that we might put under each letter for birthing and post natal life.

The only one I now remember is ‘Zzzzz’ cause it’s definitely one of the things that has taken the biggest hit in the last year!

And whilst I am thankful I don’t have to take part in awkward classroom style activities very often, I have been thinking about what, in hindsight, my A – Z of parenting would be. So here starts my new mini series [or 26 post long to be precise] of blog posts.

The A-Z of parenting, Edwards style.

Some you’ll agree with, some you’ll disagree with. Some I will look back on and think ‘why did I include that?!’ But it’s just a wee look back through some of the things this first year has brought to mind.

I’d love to hear your thoughts as I go along.


p.s this is not me professing to have the answer to all things parenting, it’s really just meant to be a bit of fun

Credits: Feature photo by Diomari Madulara on Unsplash

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