The ‘Don’t move’ moments

As I lay on the floor of Esther’s nursery last night, somewhere half way between the cot and the door, not quite making my escape bid as planned, I instead spent some time laughing about/reminiscing on the ‘don’t move moments’.

I’m sure every parent has had them.

Where you think ‘whatever you do, don’t move’

And that can either be about you or your little one.

I remember the moments when Esther still shared our room and Jonny would be in bed reading. Esther would stir in her sleep and we’d race to turn the light off as fast as we could and lay as still as ice until we were sure she wouldn’t wake up!

Then there’s the moment when you’re half way through getting up off the floor after you’ve put them down and they stir. So you pause in mid air in whatever position you may be in, comfortable or not, hoping and praying that they won’t lift their head .. and if they do that they won’t notice you there in mid lunge pose silently not breathing in your bid to sneak away.

Or the nights where sleep just doesn’t seem to be coming, they stand up, lie down, stand up, lie down. They’re still for a while and peacefully breathing so you think they’ve finally fallen asleep. You lift up your head to have a look and meet their OPEN eyes. WHAT! Please don’t move. But now they know you know they’re awake so the whole up and down yo-yo starts again.

Since we went on holiday a couple of weeks ago, Esther’s sleep has gone downhill. We’re spending half an hour to an hour and a half each night sitting with her until she falls asleep which is a BIG shock to the system after the usual five minutes of falling asleep.

But it does mean that I have had a lot more of the don’t move moments and spent a lot of time silently [and sometimes not quite so much] giggling into the floor whilst I try not to find my chattering, dancing, hilarious daughter funny when she should be sleeping. I’ve also said many a silent prayer of hoping I’d turn invisible so Esther wouldn’t notice me trying to sneak out. But mostly, between Jonny and I, we’ve sat and stayed til she’s fallen asleep and reminded ourselves of the well repeated parenting mantra, ‘this too will pass’.

5 thoughts on “The ‘Don’t move’ moments

  1. Totally been there with our daughter who refused to settle in her cot. We used to have to lay on the floor then crawl out of her room and would always hit the one creaky floorboard on the way out. So most nights it was easy to lie there just a little longer. Hope Esther’s sleep gets easier for you xx


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