Now you are one

Esther is oneDearest Esther

You are now one.

And what a precious, fun, hilarious, book loving, adventurous, entertaining character you are. You have a cheeky giggle you laugh when you know you’re being funny. You check the room to make sure everyone’s looking when you do something amazing! You dance and bounce to music at any given opportunity. You LOVE your food. You don’t like to sit still for one minute. You love working out how things fit together and putting things in and out of boxes, bowls and whatever else you can get your hands on.

Maybe you’ll grow up to be an engineer? Or a creator of beautiful things. Who knows.

But I do hope, beautiful girl, that you grow up to know love as a precious gift, joy in the midst of life, comfort in pain and the huge cheering on voice of your daddy and mama. And mostly the huge, deep, amazing love that God has for you too. He cheers you on way more than we ever can gorgeous girlie.

You’re going to go on adventures Esther. We chose your name because we believe you’re ‘born for such a time as this’. And we can’t wait to see who you grow to become, where you go, what you do, how you do it.

But we also can wait. Because we love the here and now of laughing with you, cuddling you close when you cry, helping you take your first steps, holding your hands as you walk down the street, feeding you new foods.

So many precious moments, so many have already gone by. I’ll treasure them close and catch the ones to come and enjoy you my little one. Because before I know it these days will be gone.

I love you Esther. Thank you for being you.


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