Those four pm naps though

A little run of awake times in the night is catching up on me at the minute and in the process of Esther getting older I’ve forgotten how important a good old nap is. That and the combination of a never ending to-do list means I have been choosing to do instead of rest. Note to self: nap when the baby naps, the to-do list can come later!IMG_5135

It’s times like these when I think back to those lovely 4pm naps I used to have with little E. Back when afternoon naps still existed in our lives we’d quite often share mummy and daddy’s bed, me under the cover and Esther on top. We’d brush noses and giggle and share snuggly laughter before drifting off for that precious half an hour nap. Even when it is was only fifteen minutes, the snuggle was so wonderful and I loved it.

Before that I’d been ultra cautious about sharing a bed with Esther and making sure I didn’t cuddle her to sleep for her naps but when she particularly started fighting those afternoon naps it was often the only way I could get her to go off. And I loved it. Those moments are now precious memories I’ll treasure forever and be thankful for. And in case you’re wondering, Esther is excellent at going to sleep on her own now so it didn’t create any problems for us in getting her to self settle.

Those 4pm naps. How I miss you!

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