I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago when I was in the middle of a week that had been particularly full of ‘mum guilt’ and it wasn’t the nicest of places to be. Mum guilt is a concept I’m sure 100% of mums out there experience from time to time; I’m sure I do on a daily basis for one reason or another. Here are just a few of the reasons why I was mum guilting that particular week…

# because I’m not putting time into reading about how I can help my baby to develop and grow.

# because I am too tired to even begin thinking about how to do this right now.

# because I haven’t put the washing on that I was asked to.

# because Esther only had yogurt for tea the other night because that is all that she would eat.

# because when I started this blog my plan was to publish two posts a week and I’ve already failed at that.

Before being a mum I had an idea that I would be a super mum; making clothes for my baby, always giving her home cooked food, learning everything I could to help her grow, making homemade sensory bags and doing daily fun activities. Then I became a mum and needless to say this is not what happened. The mum guilt set in and continues to make regular appearances!

I read this wonderful post recently by Rice Cakes and Raisins which I just love. It made me think about the word perspective. If you read this article the end shows you how you can beautifully look at every moment and celebrate the achievements in it rather than feeling the guilt over it. In that moment a couple of weeks ago, when I felt particularly swallowed up in mum guilt, I spent a few minutes whilst Esther was sleeping just writing down some things I’d done well that week … as a couple of my friends say, my superstar moments … because mamas I think we’re doing a pretty good job really.

So whether you’re high fiving yourself today or bobbing along under the mum guilt shadow, take a minute to celebrate your superstar moments because I know there’ll be at least one, if not many.


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