9 months in, 9 months out

Esther is nine and a half months old now and as she was two weeks overdue it means that she’s now been out as long as she has been in. It feels like a monumental moment in her life and mine. I can’t believe how much life has changed in this time and how much room you find in your heart to love another little human. My heart feels so full in a wonderful way.

Esther is so fascinating in this stage. She is learning new things all of the time. This month she has learnt to clap, she’ll dance when you say “Esther, dance”, she is finding her own way of shuffling to get to her toys and she can get her spoon to her mouth most of the time without spraying food everywhere. She is learning to communicate with her hands to ask for help or show us what she wants; she is also learning to voice her frustrations and joys in many different ways! I am totally loving this phase and the joy that accompanies it when Esther realises we’re cheering her on.

I think I’ve especially realised this month how much being a mum is such a privilege as I get to watch my daughter adventure into new things and discover who she is. I am so thankful for God for the gift of Esther and the everyday moments. She isn’t much of a snuggler these days – more of a go-getter in as much as she can be without actually crawling and walking – but the moments when she does choose to sit and snuggle in, I  breathe in the joy of her and the precious moments I have now before it all whizzes by. I can’t believe this journey of her life started almost 19 months ago and we’re here today, laughing and splashing and dancing. What a gift.


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