And then life happened…

I set up this blog a month ago, confident that this time that I was totally going to boss it and be on it with my blog posts. One month down the line and I’m far from bossing it. I have written two posts which I published in the first week, engaged in my Flourish and Blossom Twitter world successfully for a week and then plopped into oblivion. Not exactly the best start for a new blogger.

Life happens, increasingly quickly these days … probably a combination of getting older and being a mama … but I’m getting back on here today because I don’t want ‘and then life happened’ to be my excuse.

I’ve been reading a couple of books recently, both by phenomenal women writers and it has given me inspiration to write and keep going. They are also both mamas which happens to help with a bit of perspective. I love sitting down and reading their books – I’m sure they’ll both pop up in review form on the blog in the next little while – and when I put them down I feel that inner writer buzz whirring away and I’m itching to get at the computer or scribble down notes on paper so I’m ready to get back on my blogging journey.

So thank you fellow bloggers, mamas and sharers of real life stories for encouraging me to get back on here today!


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