Introducing Esther

I can’t really start this blog without introducing the beautiful little girl behind my joy and smiles and much more infrequent tears and trials.

Esther Cerys Grace made her way into the world at 10.41pm on Monday 23rd January after being induced at the Jessops in Sheffield. She weighed 8lbs 2oz – which was a relief after two extra weeks growing – and came out with a mop of black hair which I did not expect at all.

Maybe one day I’ll share our birth story; my induction story is a really positive one and I’d like people to hear that. But for now here’s the star of the show…

She has absolutely gorgeous blue eyes – I may be biased – and cheeky smiles and she is honestly a heart melter. When I first drafted this post she was 5 months old and I couldn’t believe how much she had grown and become a tiny little human who laughs and smiles, snuggles in for cuddles, cries when she headbutts Daddy by accident, giggles when we slide down the slide, flaps her legs and grizzles when she isn’t happy and pulls at my top to demand milk. She definitely has a personality and I was loving it [most of the time]!

Now she is eight months old and a total and utter barrel of laughs. She is an adventurer who definitely knows what she does and doesn’t like; has found the loudest squeal which most often comes out when she sees other children; laughs most of all at Daddy; absolutely loves being around people; has discovered how to wave and will show it off to anyone and everyone; and now has two teeth!

Being a mama is the best and hardest thing I have ever done and I am so thankful every day, even on the hard ones, that God has given me this precious gift. You’ll get to meet more of Esther as I blog our adventures but here are a few snapshots of her life so far.

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